Monday, June 28, 2010

Alonso: "Gemss mitaayi veno??"

Note: Sorry to all my international readers, this ones going to be in written partly in Malayalam

If you are already aware of the incident then skip down to the dialogue below

Situation: 2010 European GP at Valencia, Alonso's home turf. So far 2010 has not gone well for him.
Early on in the race, Alonso who was in third behind Lewis Hamilton was unfortunate enough to drop down to tenth thanks to a Safety Car period and a subsequent pitstop. Hamilton made the most out of this situation and stuck to his second place.

Infuriated the Spaniard whined over his team radio crying foul.(regular followers of the sport will recall the dreaded 2007 season) Like always he was pretty clear when he whined; he wanted Hamilton off the second place! Minutes later Lewis was given a drive through penalty, but thanks to cleaver thinking by McLaren (Lewis' Team) and a spirited driving, he emerged out of his penalty without losing his advantage. This infuriated the Spaniard Alonso even more, crying foul again, saying the penalty wasn't enough. The crying was so unbearable that even his race engineer radioed back asking him to look after himself and to stop worrying about the front runners
Now complaints stream into the race director's office, regarding all cars in front of Alonso (Hmm that should be enough to guess their origin) and demanding that they be given penalties due to infringements. Okay so yet again penalties are dished out and all cars in front of him gets 5 second penalties and Alonso still whines. Here's a parody of the situation

Alonso : "Hamilton-u Gemss mitaayi kitti enikku thannillaaaaa"
Stewards: "shari namukku Hamilton-u chutta adi kodukkam taa....."

adi koduthathinu shesham.....

Alonso: "avanau vedina eduthilaaaaa " "enikku Gemss mitaayi kittilaaaa"

angine kaliyum kazhinju, ellavarkkum Gems okke kittiyappol....

Alonso veendum:  "avarude Gemss ente Gemss inekaalum valuthaaaaa"


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