Friday, June 14, 2013

Android App review: Wifi Analyzer

Here's a nifty little Android App that can surely find a place in your toolbox. WiFi Analyzer from Farproc.

WiFi Analyzer lets you see the wireless networks around you, the strength of the signal, the channels they operate in, get the MAC addresses and IP addresses, plot a time graph on the variations in signal strengths and even suggest you which channel to set your wireless router to to get around local interferences.

The last point above is really cool, especially if you live in an urban environment, where there can be significant interferences from other WiFi networks.

As you can see with the screenshot on the left, my network (JAAS) was actually sharing the same channel as my neighbor's wireless network. I used the recommendation of the app to change to Channel 6 and now enjoy vastly better network reach. 

The App is free to download and is ad supported, but also comes with an option to hide the ads. Kudos to the developer Farproc for that.
Get it on Google Play


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